Amazing Frog Change Log

This is the Amazing Frog Change Log, we will update this page with changes, updates and additions for each new version on Amazing Frog so far on  OUYA. If you have suggestions, what you want to see in the game, or just want to say hi, come get in touch on facebook, twitter ( @fayju ) or our youtube channel

Amazing Frog Version 1.5 released 2 June 2014 Changes and updates

 The UFO Version

Amazing Frog OUYA UFO

  • More costumes added 
  • Objects added to other hand
  • The Moon Environment completely updated and expanded
  • more remote control cars
  • weapons improved to have more ricochet 
  • more remote control objects
  • Extra race tracks
  • pigeon, ratty
  • Moon Rovers upgraded
  • 2 moon cars added in Hanger
  • UFO added
  • Costume racks added – find all costume racks
  • Costume information added
  • Go through toilet come out as Plumber
  • jump enhanced
  • performance enhanced
  • conveyor belt added to moon.
  • border around moon
  • extra space stations 
  • giant electric fans
  • newspaper added with future info
  • GUI restructured
  • T shirt salesman killed
  • OUYA Everywhere compatability 
  • put music into moon, sewer and lab
  • and loads more

Amazing Frog Version 1.4 released 8 April 2014 Changes and updates

The Swindon Space Program 



  • 6 new Frogs including Gaz, Hal and Bob
  • The Moon Environment
  • The Secret Lab Envionment
  • Cars Enhanced
  • Camera Displacement on Aim
  • The trophy cabinets collect trophies to unlock items
  • Party Mode added
  • lazers guns !
  • progression through item retrieval Time toilet key etc…
  • fuel to moon
  • Time Toilet added
  • T shirt salesman added
  • information desk with clues
  • VS mode statue
  • American football added
  • Decals added in various locations
  • hidden beta moon buggy
  • RC Moon Rovers
  • and loads more 


Amazing Frog Version 1.3.6 released 7 January 2013 Changes and updates

Amazing Frog icon TV Edition

TV Time 

  • Dumpster TV Challenges Activated.
  • (Tv Challenge in each environment)
  • Award of Giant Cookie (turns zombies to biscuit monsters)
  • TV head can be won that makes you fly HIGH
  • Removed the Xmas Trees
  • loads of bug fixes
  • Giant Toilet Entry and Exit Through green Pipes
  • Remote Control Cars on top of Car park at Night
  • New Cannon System.
  • and loads more


Amazing Frog Version 1.3.5 released 24 December 2013 Changes and updates

Amazing Frog Xmas Edition

The Hoppin’ Holidays 

  • Sorry lost track and forgot to update changes here… there were loads like the:
  • Giant toilet (behind Fence)
  • Changes to the camera mechanism
  • Xmas Trees
  • Xmas Boombox Track
  • Giant Snow Man Hat
  • Xmas Frog Outfit
  • Swindon MP Frog
  • new Staircase in the Multi-Story Car Park
  • Fixes To Purchasing recognition
  • Coloured Navigation Pipes in sewer
  • LOL Door.
  • Accessories on Frogs ( like hats, glasses for cop etc)
  • and loads more


  Amazing Frog Version 1.3 released 31 October 2013 Changes and updates

Amazing Frog icon Basketball

The Hopping Dead was our biggest Update so far with a focus on Vs Mode. Not sure if I have mentioned everything thing here, feel free to get in touch @fayju

  • Introducing Vs Mode and weapon spawners
  • Added Weapons, guns and crossbow and the speed up lunch box
  • Zombies Added, more functionality to come on these guys
  • The Sewers Added , like a big maze
  • Night Time level added
  • Changed to Level setups to Morning , Noon and Night
  • Super Cannons
  • OUYA button to launch in game menu
  • Pause Physics during Menu Select
  • Costume Selection via cards
  • Level Navigation
  • Speech bubble added for in game info… and fun.
  • purchasing during gameplay
  • New Credits, Gaz and Hal in Office above Wyvern
  • Helmets Added, I am the LAWN…
  • Pumpkin Head added, Sooo scary
  • Targets added, to shoot or break
  • More Posters … (mainly more straight to the moon ones)
  • Dumpster Added…. why  indeed?
  • Pink Bouncy Castle ,and more blimps and a sky trampoline.
  • New Clouds
  • Golden Pug on court house
  • Updated Office environment actual replica of our office, including work stations.
  • shop stand added
  • improved shadow system
  • improved responsiveness in controls and quicker to stand up
  • Targeted Movement
  • fixed loss of control on pressing A in Mid flight
  • improved aiming on throwing
  • Frog looks in direction of sight
  • …And a whole bunch of stuff

Amazing Frog Version 1.2 releases 22 July 2013 Changes and updates.

old icosn

So here are the changes that we made for version 1.2 currently available on OUYA. We think of this as the OUYAPark and toilet update.

  • Introducing the Toilet.
  • The toilet can be unlocked by a purchase, you can use the toilet to change costume, of which there are 25.
  • An intro inserted to introduce the character, caravan, toilet and Swindon.
  • Use the OUYA button to exit to Intro.
  • New Level Arrangement. There are now two Days. One is an improved version of the original layout and the other with more blimp jumpin’ action
  • Blimp balloon is now Bouncy.
  • More Blimps, we love the blimps!
  • Pick up objects and throw objects with Y.
  • 3 hidden trophies in each “Day” to find.
  • OUYA boxes to find and throw (some hidden).
  • Boom Box when thrown changes music track.
  • TVs pickup able, but heavy.
  • Basketball added and more footballs.
  • Introduction of Basket ball hoops.
  • Trucks and cars continuously spawning throughout is fixed.
  • Virtual replica of the OUYA Park from E3 transported from Los Angeles to Swindon, including the game schedule on a white board.
  • Score signs only pop up on your best score so far.
  • Score also displays your game total.
  • Stand up button more reliable.
  • fixes to loss of control when stuck on moving objects.
  • Graphical enhancements in texture quality throughout.
  • improved screen resolution.
  • Trampoline fixed pause on high bounces.
  • Fixed Screams to be more legible.
  • Glitch on Bouncy castle step fixed (sorry it was hilarious though) there are still other places to glitch out.
  • XBox and playstation 3 controller support fixes.
  • OUYA Menu button to exit gameplay to intro.
  • Culling optimisation for improved frame rate.
  • Fart optimisation.
  • And some other stuff  – Among which – take out coffee cup, can of coke, news papers to find and read…..


Amazing Frog Version 1.1 12 June 2013 Changes/updates


Hey everyone, we’ve put out an update for amazing frog! Its mainly shader tweaks and optimisations but I’ll make a quick list of what we added for our E3 update. (I dropped the ball and forgot to update the in-game change log)


  • New controls – jumping and standing up are now on different buttons (the jump button should still give slight boosts while in ragdoll to avoid getting stuck) Also the up and down camera movement no longer locks to a smaller limit after pushing the focus/zoom camera button.
  • Support for more controller types – ps3 (fingers crossed) and xbox
  • Added an extra push while in ragdoll for better in air control and to help avoid getting stuck on/in things.
  • sound effect tweaks on footsteps (wetter), boom boxes (lowered the volume a little) plus sounds for the trampolines and mattresses. There is also a chance that cheeky frog might break wind while idle or when picking himself up.
  • New frog shaders to make it easier to see when you are behind objects or chasing your friends.
  • Added Amazing frogs secret base (the caravan with his own favourite console inside)
  • Working cannons, aim and then fire with the jump button. (I’m thinking we need to hold and charge for extra power – next update) walk up to the back of the cannon to enter (still some glitches here but we’ll get it fixed for the next update).
  • footballs(soccer balls) to kick about/trip on + giant beach ball.
  • trucks now travel up the main roads, watch out or you might get hit (we’ll put out a hot fix asap, but it seems the traffic stops appearing after a while)
  • Improved fan functionality, you can now get sucked in from behind and spun about.
  • Improved trampoline functionality, no more hovering above it.
  • Super improved wheelie bins, friends can now easily push you around if you’re riding inside.
  • New hidden wearable crown. Get hit by a second player and it falls off, fight to be the king of frog town!
  • hidden fruit for no reason, eventually items like these will be inside the breakable boxes and crates.
  • Improved invisible walls to make it harder to escape into the void, though I believe its still possible (so have at it! I want to see some more videos of escapees)
  • New main Icon design


also  its worth checking out DTStheTDS play list of Amazing Frog? He has played it through 39 episodes since version one 

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Amazing frog intro